Teacher Union Wants Teachers To Transform Into Anti-Gun Zealots

Back in July, during a major teachers union conference, teachers were urged to lobby for the passage of gun control measures. 

Per the Defense of Freedom Institute, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) celebrated a “Together Educating America’s Children” (TEACH) Conference July 21-23 consisting of professional development workshops to give educators tools and strategies to “help kids and communities succeed,” according to AFT’s website. One professional development session that was held at this conference, “Speaking of Gun Violence: How Do We Ensure Educator Voices Matter?” was run  by “Teachers Unify To End Gun Violence,” an organization whose mission is to pass gun control legislation. This organization called on educators to “collectively raise [their] voices for change,” per to the conference agenda

“Join Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence to explore ways we can collectively raise our voices for change,” the session description highlighted. “There is not one educator or school staff member in our country who is untouched in some way by gun violence—from direct impact to impending fear, caring for and supporting students dealing with gun violence in their families and communities, to navigating traumatic drills, our voices should and do matter. Educators, students and school staff are on the frontlines of this public health crisis.”

The professional development session listed “practical ways” teachers can back students and colleagues impacted by gun violence, the session description noted. The session gave teachers tips and strategies on how to “elevate” the stories of those impacted by gun violence in order to “shed light on this public health crisis.”

“A separate session on lobbying for gun control ignores the fact that the unions’ prioritization of ideology over safety measures makes it more difficult for teachers, administrators and school resource officers to keep students and teachers safe,” the Defense of Freedom Institute report detailed. “Rather than advocate for the safety of their members by promoting common-sense measures like metal detectors, the unions instead condemn these tools as “prison-like” and train teachers how to lobby for gun control writ large.”

The political control of the American education system is one thing the cultural Left has emphasized over the last century. Leftists understand that by controlling all levels of education, they can indoctrinate the next generation of leaders and create an assembly of politically loyal automatons. 

For that reason, Second Amendment activists must keep tabs on what’s going on in their school districts. It’s in these areas where disastrous ideas are spread and normalized. Eventually, such noxious ideas become public policy much to the detriment of our civil liberties.  

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