TECH BIAS: Apple Tells Parler To Censor Free Speech Or Lose Its App

John Matze, the founder of the pro-free speech social network Parler, revealed on the platform that Apple contacted him to demand he censor “offensive” speech from the website or the big tech platform will remove Parler’s app from its App Store. 

Matze revealed on his Parler account that he was threatened with the deletion of his smartphone app if his company does not change its Community Guidelines and immediately begin removing content Apple considers “offensive.” When Matze flatly refused to comply with the tech giant’s demands, Apple prevented the Parler app from sending publish updates of the app to users.

Big League Politics recently joined Parler, and has partnered with the pro-free speech platform to provide high quality, pro-America news to the public.

As we reported, Parler’s novel approach to content moderation is to stand firmly behind the First Amendment and the United States Constitution:

Perhaps Parler’s most fascinating and distinguishing difference from the other big tech giants is its devotion to freedom of speech. While Facebook, Twitter, Google, and virtually every other big tech website offer byzantine rules regarding what they consider hate speech, sensitive content, targeted harassment, and other forms of behavior they consider toxic, Parler stands behind the United States Constitution’s definition of free speech.

Parler’s Community Guidelines, a five page long, easily read and understood document available on its website, enshrines this.

Removing Parler’s app from the store could theoretically stunt the website’s growth, even as President Donald Trump is reportedly considering opening an account on the platform as part of the social media strategy for his 2020 reelection campaign.

Gab, another social media company, had its app removed from Google Play last year, possibly suggesting a pattern of pro-censorship or anti-competitive behavior from the big tech giants.

Big League Politics and most of our staff are now on Parler. A full list containing all Big League Politics Parler accounts is available here. 

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