TECH COLLUSION: After His Twitter Ban, Joe Biggs Gets Banned by PayPal and Venmo

Joe Biggs Banned PayPal Venmo

In the weeks after military veteran and conservative pundit Joe Biggs was banned from Twitter for denouncing Antifa, Biggs has now been banned from PayPal and Venmo, further cutting him off from his supporters.

Last month Biggs was banned from Twitter for posting negatively about Antifa, even though what he wrote was far more mild than the violent threats made by Antifa on the same platform. Strangely, Biggs had his profile’s verification stripped hours before he was eventually removed from the platform.

Big League Politics reported:

Joe Biggs, a prominent ANTIFA critic who has frequently organized with the Proud Boys, had his verification removed by Twitter today for no particular reason. Just hours later, his account was suspended entirely.

Biggs, a military veteran who was formerly a reporter with Infowars, has been an outspoken critic of ANTIFA and the terrorist far left, which was on full display in Portland this past weekend when journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette was savagely beaten by a leftist mob.

VDARE News noted that Twitter actually has members of ANTIFA on their staff, as the corporate tech giant actively harbors the anti-American domestic terrorist sleeper cell that viciously attacks journalists in the streets.

Now, Biggs says he has been deplatformed by two of the most popular payment apps, PayPal and Venmo.

On his new Facebook account, Biggs wrote “Venmo and PayPal have permanently banned me as of this morning. Venmo is how I send my child money and PayPal is how I got donations to travel on these rally trips.”

He added, “This left wing hissy fit is getting pretty old. But it won’t stop me.”

PayPal previously deplatformed Big League Politics reporter Luke Rolfing without giving him an explanation:

PayPal banned Big League Politics reporter Luke Rohlfing from its platform mere months after he exposed the online payment processor’s funding of an illegal immigration group that has provided services to those that encourage illegal immigration.

Rohlfing says he did not use his PayPal account to receive donations, receive payments, or otherwise conduct business as a reporter, but simply used it to expedite payments and increase security on various websites. Still, PayPal said in its email to Rohlfing notifying him of his account’s termination that the decision was based on his “activities” and relating to his “usage of PayPal services.”

The email also instructed him to remove all mention of PayPal as a payment processor from his website, even though Rohlfing has no website.

While PayPal bans conservative journalists, pundits, and organizations, the platform still lends itself to groups who provide aid to illegal immigrant caravans that seek to break United States immigration laws.

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