Tech Oligarchs Strike Once Again As Rittenhouse Trial Livestream Get Taken Down

Screenshots showing selective censorship on the part of tech giants.

Tech oligarchs have been increasingly emboldened in recent years when it comes to censoring views on their public platforms that they disagree with or believe would upset the brave new world they wish to create. Until very recently, they have traditionally either left a time lag from when dissident content is published and when they decide that it “violates community standards” or simply digs through old content and punish content creators when it is politically advantageous to do so.

This appears to no longer be sufficient in the eyes of our benevolent tech oligarchs. According to a tweet by Deus Flex Machina, several screenshots were taken by content creators who have been closely following the sham of a trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is being charged with the 2021 crime of self-defense in the face of convicted criminals running amok, showing that their live streams of the trial were taken down by YouTube for the alleged offense of “policy violations”, a term that appears to be purposely vague in order to provide the video-sharing giant the ability to exercise tremendous discretion and, some say, bias in policing content on their site.

Curiously, the same series of screenshots also show the CBS News’ live stream of the exact same trial still going on without any noticeable interruption or reprimand.

A series of live streams taken down – except CBS’ of course.

The Law & Crime Network was conveniently suspended from their live stream after posting a poll of their audience’s opinion of what a fair verdict of the trial would be, a poll that apparently delivered a rather inconvenient result as far as our tech elites are concerned.

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