Ted Cruz Declares that Open Borders Depresses Worker Wages

Ted Cruz made an unprecedented move on May 12, 2021 by pointing out that mass migration depresses the wages of many working class Americans.

Generally seen as one of the more business-friendly Republicans in his time in the Senate, Cruz has taken a populist turn as of late.

During a hearing on May 12 that broached the subject of a Democrat-sponsored amnesty bill, Cruz declared “The open borders policy of Democrats is driving down the wages of millions of Americans.”

The amnesty bill in question, the Citizenship for Essential Workers Act, would grant amnesty and citizenship to approximately 5 million illegal aliens “who replaced Americans in jobs categorized by the government as essential’ according to Neil Munro of Breitbart News.  However, about 80% of all jobs fall under the category of “essential.”

Cruz had this to say about the amnesty bill and its economic impact:

The bill that we’re discussing in this hearing today is, I believe, a very dangerous bill. It is a radical bill that would grant amnesty to millions of people here illegally, with a broad swath that is wrong, immoral, and profoundly unfair.

It is unfair to millions of Americans — [to] low-income Americans, Americans who may be out of work, Americans who may be in difficult jobs.

The open borders policy of Democrats is driving down wages of millions of Americans [including] the African American community. This bill is terrible for the African American community. It lowers wages in the African American community. The Hispanic community: This bill is terrible for the Hispanic community. For legal immigrants: … this bill drives down wages for millions of legal immigrants.

Generally speaking, mass migration benefits major corporations via lower wages. What’s more, there’s substantial evidence showing that migration transfers wealth from workers to investors. 

It’s a small wonder why woke businesses are constantly pushing for mass migration. This entire process assures a never-ending supply of labor that contributes to stagnating wages, as corporations can skimp on paying their workers. In addition, increased migration allows for corporations to expand their consumer base now that they have more people living in the US that they can tap into.

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