Ted Cruz Warns Supporters That Democrats Are Targeting Texas

During a campaign event on April 2, 2024, United States Senator Ted Cruz declared that the Democratic Party has “put a bull’s-eye on the state of Texas.”

The event took place in northwest Houston, where Cruz told over 80 people that he was committed to defending small businesses and defeating his Democratic rival, Texas Congressman Colin Allred. 

“Democrats plan to spend over $100 million in this race and they want to flip Texas, and I’ll tell you what this race is all about. This race is all about keeping Texas, Texas,” Cruz stated.

Cruz received an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business on April 2. He said that he expects a heated race against Allred. Cruz is viewed as one of the few Republicans who is vulnerable during this election cycle.

Cruz had a close race with former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Allred is a former NFL player who played as a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. He would subsequently retire from the NFL and obtain a J.D. degree from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 2014. 

At the event, Cruz criticized a newly passed California law establishing a $20 minimum wage for fast food workers.

Small business owner Silvia Blumy hosted the event, where she described Cruz as a “fighter for small businesses.”

“Anybody who supports small businesses is who I’m going to support,” she declared.

Cruz is correct about Democrats targeting Texas. It makes sense when you look at the demographic backdrop of the US, especially border states like Texas. Mass migration has demographically transformed the country into a multicultural cesspool and states like Texas have been disproportionately affected. 

Cruz must recognize this trend and propose a real solution — an immigration moratorium — to fully address this issue. If not, Texas will not only become permanently blue but turn into a anti-white cesspit. 

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