Ted Nugent Calls David Crosby A “Doper” For Blasting His White House Visit

Ted Nugent, Facebook

Conservative rock star Ted Nugent enjoyed his recent White House visit with Sarah Palin, where he took a photo with President Trump in the Oval Office and blasted it out to all of his haters on social media. One of those haters, graying rocker David Crosby, attacked Nugent for it, and Nugent is snapping back.

“It was almost like a Nugent family campfire, a family reunion at Thanksgiving, it was so down to earth, the President was so relaxed and cordial and open,” Nugent said in an interview Friday with WABC 77 host Rita Cosby.

“It was like I had my brother next to me, like I had my son, or a hunting buddy,” Nugent said of Trump. “And I was surprised because I know with North Korea, and Russia, and with the border, and with the draining of the swamp, how overwhelming those demands must be, but he didn’t show any of that.  And I fancy myself quite an energized individual at 68.6 years clean and sober, but I’m afraid I met my match – Donald Trump at 70, I’m telling you, he was a ball of fire.”

Nugent also gave Trump an “A+” for the job he’s done so far.

Crosby did not appreciate Nugent’s visit, tweeting that Trump and Nugent were “assholes”:

Nugent responded to Crosby, who looks like a walrus.

“Well I’ve always been attacked, and, you know, the hate from the dopers out there – if you smoke enough dope, you just become overwhelmed with hate and ignorance,” Nugent told Rita Cosby. “And I’ll never forget when Paul McCartney condemned me for murdering innocent animals because we eat venison.  And I just responded by saying, you know, I don’t really care what you eat, I’d just like to thank Paul McCartney for enriching our lives with his amazing music, and the same with David Crosby, he’s kind of a lost soul, and he’s done so much substance abuse throughout his life that his logic meter is gone, his reasoning and his… his depth of understanding is pretty much gone, so it doesn’t surprise me, I feel quite sad for the guy.”

“So David Crosby doesn’t think that we need to have secure borders.  Really?  And where does that work? It’s like Planet of the Apes meets The Cuckoo’s Nest, Clockwork Orange, Mad Magazine, Twilight Zone stuff.  And all my haters are from that embarrassing place, and all of Donald Trump’s haters are from that embarrassing place.”

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