Teen Illegal Kills Woman After Exploiting Asylum System

A teenage illegal alien living in Alabama killed a woman in a head on car wreck after exploiting the asylum system to enter the United States illegally.

“Prosecutors say Domingo Francisco Marcos hit Sonya Jones head-on, killing her then tried to run off,” according to WKRG. “He was injured too badly to run and collapsed. He was then taken to USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital for surgery.”

In 2017, Marcos crossed the border illegally in Arizona and filed an asylum claim. He is a Guatemalan national. His claim was denied in asylum court, and he was ordered deported. But like so many illegals, he never bothered to show up to court.  He simply disappeared, only to turn up this week after killing an American citizen.

The victim, Jones, 49, was a mother, daughter, wife, and sister, according to a Facebook post by a grieving friend.

The report said that Marcos has been charged with homicide by vehicle and fleeing the scene of an accident with injury. Prosecutors intend to argue against bail, and will likely argue that Marcos is a flight risk, given his history.

Asylum requests are at an all time high in the wake of the Soros-funded caravans which made their way to the U.S.-Mexican border last year, with the help of Lincoln Methodist Church’s Emma Lozano.

President Trump’s White House has spoken out strongly against America’s weak asylum laws that “allow illegal aliens with meritless claims to cross our borders and remain here for years.”






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