Telemundo Wants Border Authorities to Shut Up About Migrant Surge

Telemundo has taken the mask off of when it comes to the migration wave that’s coming once Biden is installed as president.

It is now admitting that Biden’s lax migration policies will spur a large migrant influx, but it still wants border authorities to remain quiet about this.

However, the media wants to have its cake and eat it too. It’s now labeling any narrative of a border crisis as a “pro-Border Patrol strategy.”

Kathleen Krumhansl of NewsBusters pointed out some of the hypocrisy behind Telemundo’s new narrative regarding a “crisis at the border”. Krumhansl highlighted: “Interestingly enough, this is EXACTLY what all of the liberal Spanish-language media in the United States have been blithering for the last four years when referring to President Trump’s immigration policies: crisis at the border!”

Telemundo relies on migrants flows to stir up drama to gain views. They used the story of Olvin Rodriguez, an illegal alien, to try to hype up the impending surge of migrants. For some context, Francisco Fajardo a reporter at Telemundo, explained that there were over 405,000 border arrests for the whole fiscal year of 2020. Alarmingly, however, 135,000 of those arrests took place between October and November.

Deported illegal aliens like Rodriguez stay in shelters in cities like Tijuana in hopes of crossing the border again under a presidential administration, the Biden administration in this case, that does not care about border security.

Mark A. Morgan, the Commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection Office, recently went on Fox News to warn about an immigration surge under Biden’s watch. This bothered Telemundo’s journalists who think that the Customs and Border Protection Office is trying to craft an anti-Biden narrative and derail his impending presidency.

The fact remains that perception is reality in politics. Biden’s pro-mass migration policies speak for themselves. He’s in favor of amnesty for the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens in the U.S., freezing deportations, and dismantling the Southern wall. These policies, among others, make Biden look weak on the border.

Morgan even noted that “cartels and human smugglers are fueling perceptions that our borders will once again be wide open, and that we will be reinstating the loopholes that have been closed.” Indeed, cartels recognize that they’ll have a much easier time penetrating the country under Biden.

The media is worried that their guy is going to be exposed for his dangerous mass migration policies. They would rather put a lid on border policies so that amnesty legislation can be sneaked in without much resistance from the American public.

Unquestionably Democrats want some kind of amnesty legislation to go through. It gives them the best chance to dominate electorally, and opens the door for them to destroy freedoms such as the right to bear arms and free speech with relative ease.

The media has every reason to want us to shut up about immigration. Because they know deep down an amnesty would be transformational and lead to the destruction of the U.S. polity. No sane American would stand for that if they caught wind of such a development.

In the end, the media will do everything possible to muzzle shut any discussion of a migrant surge at the border so that their Democrat political allies don’t feel the wrath of angry constituents.

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