Tennessee Attorney General Shuts Down Hand Sanitizer Price Gougers, Raids Storage Unit

Two Tennessee brothers attempting to make a quick buck off of the Chinese coronavirus panic by price-gouging hand sanitizer have been shut down by Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III.

Matt and Noah Colvin made themselves the object of derision by many within the state for the shady business scheme. They openly admitted and bragged about driving around the state and neighboring Kentucky in a U-Haul truck, buying up entire inventories of hand sanitizer from retailers such as Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Staples and Home Depot.

The brothers say they spend more than $10,000 purchasing entire regional supplies of hand santizer, leaving everyday citizens unable to acquire any for their own purposes of personal health.

The Colvins intended to sell the product on Amazon for a whopping $70 a bottle. But their scheme was shut down by the online retailer, leaving them unable to move the inventory they had intended to gouge the general public for. The price gouger even had the audacity to claim that he was performing a “public service.”

Now, they claim to be humbly “donating” the massive inventory of hand sanitizer to first responders and local churches, after AG Slatery announced an investigation into their price-gouging scheme.

A reporter who went to their private storage unit found state employees loading up their behemoth stock of hand sanitzer into boxes to be utilized in a more decent manner.

Those who seek to use the coronavirus epidemic as a profit machine deserve the scorn and derision of their neighbors.

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