Tennessee Man CUFFED And CHARGED With Felony Reckless Endangerment After Returning Fire On Auto Thieves

This is getting too on the nose at this point: Tennessee police have chosen to alienate law-abiding, crime-fighting homeowners in this recent move:

Americans have seen this trend over and over in recent years, where law enforcement punish the most police-friendly constituencies over criminals.

From Fox News: A Tennessee man found himself behind bars this week after returning fire at thieves who were trying to steal a van outside his home.


In the clip above, a Tennessee homeowner sees thieves breaking into a van. After walking onto his porch, the homeowner has gun shots fired at him.

No one was hit after the homeowner returned fire, but alas, police decided to interrogate him instead of spending more time investigating the thieves.

“[The police were] trying to find ways to charge him,” the man’s wife claimed.

More from Fox: Deputies say the man told them that he couldn’t clearly see what he was targeting and admitted to firing shots with his eyes closed due to being scared and shooting at the suspects as they fled, the outlet noted.

Nevertheless, police put the homeowner in cuffs and charged him with “reckless endangerment.” Huh?

Americans have seen this sort of thing play out numerous times over the course of the year. With the most notable occurrence being the arrest of Daniel Perry; the man who is being charged for subduing a violent Jordan Neely on a subway, who unfortunately died after the encounter.

Big League Politics reported on how Penny was arrested for pushing back against a deranged mentally ill predator. Only to be under an avoidable microscope by an overly politicized Soros-baked District Attorney. 

The takeaway with cases like these are clear: law-abiding citizens are being discouraged when it comes to self-defense, protecting property, or upholding the law that the government is unwilling to do themselves. 

Criminals get the “out” in all of the circumstances. Because these DAs put all the penalties onto the law-abiders. See the pattern?

The only people held responsible in these lawlessness scenarios are those who were brave enough to step up and fill the void that a heavily politicized, do-nothing law enforcement has created. 

Americans are punished for protecting themselves. The message couldn’t be more clearer in examples like these.

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