Tennessee Witnesses Population Growth As More People Flee Blue States 

There’s a massive exodus from blue states across America. 

According to a report by Chase Smith of The Epoch Times, Tennessee’s population reached 7 million residents in 2022 for the first time per U.S. Census Bureau numbers. 

A good portion of Tennessee’s population growth is spurred by people fleeing blue states. As a business-friendly state with low taxation, Tennessee has become appealing to many disgruntled blue state residents who can no longer put up with their states’ high taxes, rising crime, and unsustainable cost-of-living dynamics. 

Per figures from the bureau, the Southeastern United States is the country’s most populated region, with roughly 129 million residents.

On top of that, the southeast was the region that made the largest gains in 2022, growing by 1.1% or roughly 1.3 million people. The bulk of Tennessee’s population increase came from other US states (867,935). Additionally a smaller portion came from international migration (414,740).

The only American region to experience a population increase was the West, which grew by 0.2% over the course of a year. Both the Midwest and Northeast saw residents leave these respective regions to head to other more freedom-friendly regions. 

Tennessee’s light regulatory touch, no income tax, and low property taxes, among other issues make it an appealing state to move to. Moreover, its passage of Constitutional Carry in 2021 has only heightened this appeal, as many people coming from gun-controlled, crime-ridden states can now rest easy knowing that they can defend themselves against criminals. 

As blue states become more oppressive in terms of economic policy and grow more socially dysfunctional, red states like Tennessee will stand to gain immensely from many blue state refugees arriving in their states. Let’s hope that these new residents don’t bring the voting habits that made their states of origin inhospitable hellholes with them. 


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