Texan Conservative Activist Defends Pro-Gun Organization From Fake News

Fake News drama in Texas continues.

The Texas Tribune embarked on a vicious hit campaign against Texas Gun Rights activist Chris McNutt.

The Texan newspaper has bought into House Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s claim that McNutt “visited his house.”

Republican activist and major donor Darlene Pendery told BLP that this claim is “deliberately misleading.”

Pendery explained that McNutt block walked in Bonnen’s neighborhood handing out fliers pointing out the House Speaker’s flip-flop on Constitutional Carry.

In fact, McNutt made no attempt to contact Bonnen’s wife or children. Pendery also added that McNutt did not ring the doorbell or knock on Bonnen’s door.

McNutt did not harass, loiter or litter, or shout obscenities at Bonnen’s house. Pendery re-iterated that McNutt handed out flyers, door to door, to let Bonnen’s constituents and donors know about his flip-flop on Constitutional Carry. McNutt distributed the same materials in a similar fashion in Four Price and Dustin Burrows’ neighborhoods.

These facts, however, did not keep Bonnen from throwing a temper tantrum.
At the April 9th Biennial Republican Party of Texas Spring Dinner, Bonnen nearly came to blows with McNutt.
Both Bonnen and McNutt were invited to sit at one of Pendery’s tables well before McNutt’s block walking campaign and the subsequent confrontation took place.
Pendery assured that this was no “set up” as Bonnen and the media would like people to believe.
McNutt was dining at Pendery’s table when Bonnen showed up to blindside him “with very loud shouting directly into his ear.”
Republican activist David Wylie offered Bonnen to have a seat at another table and have a calm dinner with Pendery and her group. However, Bonnen refused to do so, and even said that Wylie was “aggressively hostile and tried to provoke physical violence.”  Bonnen claimed to be “afraid for his safety and thought he better leave.”
This was account was refuted by other people sitting at a table which included long-time conservative activist Mike Openshaw and former Texas State Representative Matt Rinaldi.
BLP reported that Constitutional Carry is officially dead in the 2019 state legislature.
Gun rights activists at Lone Star Gun Rights expressed their concerns about the Texas political establishment’s inaction on the issue and the potential for gun controllers to continue to gain momentum.
Complacency is dangerous in this case. All it took was a mass shooting in Parkland, to put Florida, one of the most pro-gun states in the country, on the road to being an increasingly anti-gun state.
Texas Gun rights, however, has vowed to double down on the Texas political class.
The 2020 Texas primaries will very likely have Constitutional Carry as the number #1 issue throughout the elections.

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