Texas A&M Students are Made Increasingly Uncomfortable by the University’s Woke Policies

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) virus is on its way to claiming a major victim in Texas A&M University. Traditionally viewed as one of Texas’ most conservative institutions of higher learning, a recent article revealed that Texas A&M’s DEI practices are alienating students on campus. 

Scott Yenor, a political science professor at Boise State University and a fellow at the Claremont Institute, published this article, which showed that throughout the 2010s Texas A&M started implementing this anti-white and pro-diversity measures. Some programs such as  

ADVANCE strived to get more women enrolled in science and engineering fields. As time went on, the program’s focus pivoted to gender identity and racial inequality issues. 

On top of that, the university enacted a diversity plan in 2010 which became the pillar of A&M’s DEI push.

However, the university’s moves to push inclusivity at all costs have come at a cost. Namely, in the form of students sensing that they don’t belong on campus. Per the university’s own audits that measured whether the students felt they belonged at campus, the campus climate was worse in 2020 than in 2015.

In 2020, 82% of white, 76% of Hispanic, and 55% of black students felt like they belonged on campus. By contrast, 92% of white students, 82% black students, and 88% of Hispanic students indicated that they felt like they belonged on campus. 

Yenor said Texas A&M has been pushing for the creation of “education-activists.” In the 2020 report that the university published on diversity, it said that it needed to reassess and do away with practices and policies that promote “systemic racism.”

The report outlined how systemic racism can be eliminated at Texas A&M:

Dismantling systemic racism and discrimination requires an unrelenting dedication to examine practices and policies that impact admissions, hiring, promotion, graduation, resource allocation, budgeting, safety, course evaluations, and expressive activity. Additionally, innocuous-sounding words and sentiments such as meritocracy, legacy, color-blind, race-neutral, best-qualified, good fit, and isolated incident need to be examined, as they have been used to establish and maintain racist and discriminatory practices and sentiments.

Yenor said that within a decade, A&M went from declaring that diversity is “an indispensable component of academic excellence” to declaring that “meritocracy is a systematically racist concept.”

In an appearance on The Luke Macias Show, Yenor claimed that there was one solution to the DEI problem at universities:

Defunding the offices and salting the earth—that is, firing the people who were associated with these offices, if they don’t have any place to retreat to with tenure in the university—is actually a way to change and leverage new kinds of personnel on these universities who don’t want to get away or work around the governor’s orders. And it’s really true that personnel is policy on our universities.

Defunding is one of many ways to skin this cat. Right-wing governments need to unilaterally fire people pushing woke, anti-white nonsense on university campuses. There should be zero tolerance for these policies. Instead, these governments should install right-wing nationalist loyalists with academic qualifications to hold these positions and make sure that right-wing ideas are disseminated.

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