Texas Attorney to Serve Time in Prison for Working with Mexican Drug Cartels

A well-known South Texas Attorney will be doing roughly four years in federal prison for selling information to Mexican cartel smugglers.

On the week of April, McAllen Attorney Eric Jarvis appeared before U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa. The District Judge sentenced Jarvis to three years and eights months of prison time for the charge of “violating the Travel Act.” According to Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby of Breitbart News, Jarvis violated the act by “sending court documents and other information through a phone messaging app to Gulf Cartel-linked smugglers in South Texas.”

On July 26, 2021, Jarvis pleaded guilty to the violation and was expected to be sentenced back in October. His hearing ended up getting postponed until the week of April 18. 

Jarvis pleaded guilty on July 26, 2021, and was set to be sentenced in October, however, his hearing kept getting postponed until the week of April 18. 

Per court documents of the case, Jarvis was working with the late Anzel Haziel Herrera and his compatriots in a smuggling syndicate. The attorney provided court documents from drug seizures to Herrera. The smuggler would use these documents to show the Mexican Gulf Cartel and other criminal outfits when American law enforcement would confiscate a drug shipment.

US law enforcement was able to connect Herrera to the theft of cocaine shipments by figuring out that he was keeping real drug shipments and leaving decoys for the authorities to find.

Herrera would proceed to use the documents that Jarvis provided to assert that the drugs were confiscated while keeping the real shipment to himself. Federal prosecutors revealed that Herrera paid Jarvis $8,000 to obtain 8 sets of documents for him. 

Curiously, an unknown gunman shot and killed Herrera in 2019 in the Mexican state of Monterrey. Ortiz and Darby noted that it’s still uncertain if Gulf Cartel members ever found out about Herrera and his partners stealing from the cartel. Before his murder, Herrera was connected to the Gulf Cartel and independent drug trafficking entities in the Monterrey area. 

As the US border grows more porous, there will be more incidents of unscrupulous public officials, businessmen, and other prominent individuals trying to work with transnational criminal entities. When a country becomes post-national, international actors of all stripes will treat it like a commercial zone to be exploited. Among those actors will be violent criminal cartels that will do everything possible to undermine the US while making a quick buck off it. 

To prevent the US getting carved out by transnational entities, it must take full control of its border.

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