Texas Border County Becomes a Gun Rights Sanctuary

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The Texas Director of Operations for Gun Owners of America Teresa Beckmeyer reported on the Texas border county of Presidio declaring itself a Second Amendment sanctuary on Wednesday July 10, 2019.

At the Commissioner’s Court, over sixty citizens presented this resolution to a standing room crowd.

Six individuals spoke out in favor of this pro-gun resolution. No one came out in opposition.

The last speaker asked for a show of hands of those in support of this resolution. All those present raised their hands and shouted “Hear, hear!”

In Presidio County, having gun rights is a matter of basic survival for those living close to the Southern border. Beckmeyer noted this:

Some of those speaking were rancher’s wives who told of instances where they had encountered illegal aliens on their property and that without a weapon, they would have not been able to protect themselves should the need have presented itself.

Additionally, law enforcement is not very reliable in this area.

In this sparsely populated part of Texas, it can take law enforcement 45 minutes to an hour to reach the vicinity of a 911 call.

Other speakers noted how the federal government has overreached on gun rights and re-iterated that they have a constitutional right to defend themselves. No government, federal or state, can infringe on that.

The local sheriff also spoke before the court and crowd. Like other sheriffs across the country, he pledged his support for Presidio county citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

After much discussion, the commissioners present at this gathering voiced their approval for the Second Amendment and the need to defend it at all times.

When the final vote came, all three commissioners and the judge in attendance voted for the resolution.

Presidio County is following in the footsteps of counties all the way from Colorado to Rhode Island, who have stood up to gun control at the state level.

The gun rights sanctuary movement is arguably one of the fastest-growing nullification campaigns taking place in the nation.

When state governments fail to uphold gun rights, local entities must take matters into their own hands.

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