Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Endorses Florida Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini

On July 26, 2022, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert endorsed Florida State Representative’s election bid for Florida’s 7th congressional district.

Sabatini announced Gohmert’s endorsement in an email titled “ENDORSEMENT ALERT: House Freedom Caucus member Louie Gohmert goes ALL IN for Team Sabatini.

 “Anthony Sabatini will serve FL-7’s Congressional District well as he works to help get our country back on track and out of the grip of the Marxist horde,” declared Gohmert. 

In the email, Sabatini said, “Louie Gohmert is an America-First patriot who is committed to protecting our Constitutional freedoms, finishing President Trump’s wall, and taking America back from the woke radical left.”

 He added that “I look forward to joining him in the House Freedom Caucus and serving as Nancy Pelosi’s #1 worst nightmare when elected to Congress.”

Sabatini’s first major challenge will take place in the Republican primary for Florida’s 7th district which is set to take place on August 23. 

Part of Sabatini’s campaign is to cleanse the Republican Party of its residual neoconservative party influence and focus on policies that limit Big Tech’s influence, reduce foreign policy interventionism abroad, protect the Second Amendment, and usher in patriotic immigration reform, among other America First issues. 

Gohmert has been a loyal Trump supporter and one of the few elected officials who has stood up for the unjustly imprisoned January 6 protestors. His endorsement of Sabatini further demonstrates the Florida state representative’s appeal among America First elected officials. 

If elected, Sabatini will add a jolt of populist energy to Congress and further consolidate the House’s America First bloc. If right-wing populism is to become a reality in American politics, it starts with the formation of an America First Caucus. 

Electing the likes of Sabatini would put us much closer to this vision. 

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