Texas Congressman Shares Personal Video From Border, Witnesses Over 100 Illegals Caught

Texas Congressman Chip Roy shared a disturbing account from America’s southern border with Mexico on Thursday night.

Roy was a witness to more than 100 illegal immigrants filing into a bus on the American side of the border. It’s unclear if the migrants were in the custody of Customs and Border Patrol at the time.

In a truly shocking tweet containing video of the illegal crossers, Roy stated that a massive inflow of more than 700 border crossers entered the United States – in one day alone. 

Roy had been observing the situation with fellow Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw, and the writer of Breitbart News’ Cartel Chronicles, Brandon Darby.

Migrants were seen crossing trails into the United States near the McAllen area with near reckless abandon. Transnational criminal organizations such as the Los Zetas and Sinaloa drug cartels may have been smuggling the groups of migrants Roy saw entering the country in Thursday, having taken an increasingly central role in America’s border security crisis.

The human smuggling operations of the violent drug cartels creates a humanitarian need to disrupt their business model. The Mexican cartels, who are arguably even more violent and destructive than some of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, force penniless and desperate Central American migrants to smuggle drugs, or extort them with promises of guidance into the United States.

Roy’s account of consistently seeing groups of migrants sauntering across the U.S-Mexico border is consistent with recent trends documenting that illegal migration to the United States is increasingly in the form of large groups that turn themselves in to the authorities(usually CBP) and request asylum, seeking to try their luck with the American system of immigration courts.

Such a model is comparable to a smaller version of the infamous ‘caravans,’ large groups of Central Americans arriving the border with the hopes of gaining entry. According to reports from the Department of Defense, three caravans are currently en route to the U.S border– one with a massive total of 12,000 people, by far the biggest to approach the United States thus far.

A country in which 700 illegal migrants can freely cross the border-without any permission from the people or government- is not a country at all. It’s a open zone available to the world.

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