Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez Scoffs at Claims Border Situation Is Normal

Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales stated videos he recorded at El Paso demonstrated that the situation at the southern border is worse than is being depicted in the corporate media. This statement came after the expiration of the Trump-era immigration policy Title 42 on May 11.

“This is what I’m hearing on the ground from mayors, from Border Patrol agents, from embedded media, everyone is saying it’s not that bad. So on Friday, I visited El Paso and went to the Central Processing Center,” Gonzales declared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on May 14.

“In the El Paso sector, there’s over 6,000 people that are in custody in this particular facility. It’s meant to house 1,000 people, it’s housing over 3,000,” Gonzales added. “In one of these rooms … the max capacity is 90 people; there was over 400 in here, that’s a 450 percent capacity.”

He noted that an additional room, which was supposed to hold 120 people, ended up holding north of 700 people.

“We can’t allow ‘not that bad’ to be the normal,” Gonzales stated, before adding that an unaccompanied minor had died while he was in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services the week before.

The Title 42 public health provision was activated in March 2020 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It was put in place to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus pandemic, as illegal aliens could be quickly expelled at the US’s southern border, as opposed to being processed at immigration detention facilities under Title 8 immigration law.

On top of that, Gonzales urged the Biden regime to send additional immigration judges to the southern border. 

“The president should surge immigration judges to the border and that person should get their case heard in days, not years,” he highlighted. “Right now, in El Paso, if you apply on the one app, I was at the port of entry, if you apply on the one app, your court date is 2031. I mean, that’s eight years from now.”

He continued: “The president can surge, instead of surging 1,500 troops, surge immigration judges. This is America. Get your day in court.”

In early May, the Biden regime announced the deployment of 1,500 military personnel for 90 days, to reinforce the 2,500 already stationed on the US’s southern border with Mexico.

BLP previously reported on Gonzalez’s shaky immigration positions. Now, it appears that he is wising up a bit. Nevertheless, it’s still not enough. At this juncture, any Republican who is not pushing for an immigration moratorium accompanied with the abolition of birthright citizenship and/or ending chain migration is not serious about tackling the immigration question. 

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