Texas CPS Lists Parents on the Child Abuse Registry After Unlawfully Snatching Their 4-Year-Old Child

Last year, Big League Politics reported on the harrowing case of 4-year-old Drake Pardo who was kidnapped from his parents by the Child Protective Services (CPS) of Texas.

The video of the Soviet-style raid on the Pardo family can be seen here:

According to court documents, CPS claimed that Drake’s mother Ashley Pardo was “exaggerating and lying about [her son’s] symptoms and conditions” and “demanding an unnecessary surgical procedure to place a G-tube” in order to justify the kidnapping.

Ashley Pardo noted that her son had been treated for “epilepsy, sleep apnea, immunodeficiency and fevers, autism, behavioral problems, cerebral palsy, dysautonomia, developmental delays and problems with feeding and swallowing,” and she was simply looking out for what was best for her special needs son. For being an attentive mother, her child was ripped away from her.

The Texas Supreme Court ultimately did the right thing and ordered for Drake to be returned home and for CPS to drop the case. However, the vindictive CPS was not finished punishing the Pardo family for fighting back against their overreach.

Drake’s parents have been placed on the child abuse registry by CPS, which appears on their record when performing background checks. This could stop them from being able to obtain employment or even volunteer at their son’s school or church events.

CPS made this determination without any input from a judge. They have the ability to unilaterally place innocent families on their abuse registry and have placed the Pardos in a registry next to murderers and rapists out of what seems to be spite.

The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) has been representing the Pardos and are gearing up for the next stage of their fight against CPS. The Pardos are filing an appeal to the Office of Consumer Relations (OCR), an office within CPS that reviews appeals filed against the agency.

“Last year, the Pardos suffered traumatic injustice at the hands of CPS. Drake spent four months in foster care and the Pardos fought six months in court before finally being cleared of all charges. Now, this innocent family is being punished anyway,” the THSC wrote in their press release about the case.

“CPS protects thousands of children every year who desperately need their assistance, but this type of abuse of innocent families causes the agency to become the source of harm to a child instead of that child’s protector,” they added.

They have started a petition and are attempting to spur a letter-writing campaign to public officials to get their attention on this injustice. They also want people to call Gov. Greg Abbott to get the issue on his radar and donate to the cause if they can.

CPS is one of the most evil government agencies in existence, regularly funneling children to abusers while punishing Christian parents who love their children. Big League Politics will continue to follow the Pardo family’s case as their appeal is processed.

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