Texas Democrats’ Attempt to Implement Universal Voting By Mail is Foiled

On April 19, 2024, the United States Supreme Court rejected Democrats’ petition to hear arguments designed to compel Texas and other states to embrace universal voting by mail. 

On multiple occasions, lower courts have rejected these assertions.

Texas law stipulates that only voters 65 or older, disabled, imprisoned, or living outside of their home county during an election year are allowed to vote by mail.

In early 2020, the Texas Democratic Party filed a lawsuit looking to make voting by mail universal. Democrats appealed to fears about the Wuhan virus outbreak as a pretext to advance their corrupt agenda.

After being defeated in this case, Democrats changed their argument, asserting that Texas’ mail-ballot age restriction is unconstitutional despite concerns about the Wuhan virus. Courts have thrown out that assertion as well. 

 Lawyers from California and Texas subsequently filed a petition in December calling on the US Supreme Court to take up their argument that state-imposed age restrictions on mail-ballot voting infringe on the Constitution’s 26th Amendment. This amendment protects US citizens’ right to vote. Specifically, this amendment prevents the US government or any state government from infringing on Americans’ right to vote.

Texas Democrats have unsuccessfully tried to implement “universal, no-excuse vote by mail” for years, in addition to other policies that make the voting process less secure, which has been featured as an integral feature of their party platform.

Democrats across the nation are calling on federal courts to overturn state laws and let all individuals vote by mail, which is more susceptible to fraud and abuse than voting in person.

Democrats have been dealt a blow here. Protecting the integrity of our elections is one of the key battles of our time. If this process is corrupted, in addition to the immigration system, we could be looking at the establishment of a one-party state in the near future.

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