Texas Government is Expected to Give Gun Organization a Handout to Enforce Gun Control

Will the Texas government fund a gun control initiative?

According to an announcement in a TSRA email, the National Sports Shooting Federation (NSSF) is expecting to receive a grant from the state of Texas to “distribute education materials and cable locks to Texas residents through a network of law enforcement and community partners.”

BLP reported on politicians sneaking gun a safe storage program into a gargantuan spending bill at the last minute. The spending bill, HB 1, includes this program and is now on Governor Greg Abbott’s desk.

Abbott has the ability to use his line-item veto to strike down this anti-gun provision, but rumors around the capital indicate that he will sign this budget with the gun control program included. Gun rights activists have been disappointed so far with the way the 2019 session has gone with Constitutional Carry dead, and now, a backdoor gun control scheme could be passed under a supposedly “pro-gun” Republican state legislature. Groups like Texas Gun Rights and Lone Star Gun Rights are now calling for the Governor to use his line-item veto power to strike this gun control provision.

Texas gun laws are among the most pro-gun in the nation, but with the growing Democrat influence in the state, certain branches of the government like the State House could be in play in 2020. Should Democrats take the House, all pro-gun legislation could be dead on arrival in the 2021 legislative session.

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