Texas Governor Candidate Don Huffines Pledges to Arrest Federal Agents Persecuting Parents in Justice Department CRT Probe

Texas Governor candidate Don Huffines is pledging to arrest federal agents that usurp the rights of parents who oppose the instruction of anti-white critical race theory in public schools, responding to an announcement on the part of Biden’s Justice Department that it had begun a federal probe into opposition to CRT in schools.

Huffines made the pledge in a statement Wednesday.

Huffines is challenging incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who has courted dissatisfaction among Texas conservatives for lockdown orders and falsely smearing free speech social media network Gab as “anti-semitic” at the direction of the Anti-Defamation League, a left-wing extremist group.

Merrick Garland claimed that school board members are being “threatened” by parents who oppose anti-white Critical Race Theory in public education, seemingly ignoring the countless incidences in which CRT advocates themselves have physically threatened and attacked people.

The National School Boards Association, one of many left-wing groups that exercise a stranglehold over public schools, had termed opposition to CRT in schools as “domestic terrorism,” demanding the Biden government go after parents who challenge their agenda. Actual incidences of violence and threats against school board members who support CRT are few and far between, with the allegations of violence serving as a mere smokescreen for leftists to use the government to silence and threaten their own critics.

Huffines is a fifth-generation Texan and a former member of the Texas Senate.

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