Texas Governor Greg Abbott Backs Legislative Proposal to Crack Down on Violent, Destructive Criminal Rioters, Following Florida’s DeSantis

Texas Governor Greg Abbott became the latest state governor to back proposals instituting buffed penalties for criminal rioters on Thursday, following Florida’s Ron DeSantis in backing proposals that would make many riot crimes felonies.

Abbott endorsed a set of legislative proposals while speaking at the Dallas Police Association’s headquarters on Thursday.

The Governor of the nation’s second largest state has endorsed felony punishments against criminal rioters who block public roadways– a highly dangerous tactic utilized by ANTIFA and BLM that has resulted in around a half dozen deaths since the death of home invasion convict George Floyd early in the summer.

Abbott endorsed establishing a six month minimum prison sentence for assaulting a law enforcement officer during a riot. Creating any property damage or committing an act of vandalism would be enshrined as a felony. Fireworks would be criminalized as a protest or riot tool.

Abbott’s proposal is also distinct in targeting individuals who expressly fund and coordinate criminal riots, even if they’re not present at the events. Abbott emphasized that accessories to riots could be held liable for either legal or civil sanction for organizing or funding them.

Some people participate in riots without ever being there. What they do is they aid and they abet riots with funds or organizational assistance. This will be a felony that will lead to jail time,” Abbott said. “We also proposed giving the attorney general the power to pursue civil penalties against people in organizations that assist in riots.

The governor also endorsed mandatory detention for those charged with riot offenses until their first court appearances, a proposal also backed by DeSantis in order to deter what authorities are describing as a moving door for criminals routinely booked into the jail system for committing riot crimes. Abbott described riot criminals as exiting the jail system and immediately returning to violent crime upon being let out during BLM protests in Dallas earlier in the summer.

This will prevent the mockery of the revolving-door arrests that we saw in Dallas during the riots that occurred early this year and will ensure that these dangerous rioters will not be immediately released back onto the streets to engage in further riots without first having to go before a court appearance,” said the governor.

The public is increasingly tired of the criminal conduct and violence of the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA movements, and the appetite to criminalize their modus operandi is present and growing, especially in conservative states. With any luck, left-wing miscreants will only have the option to commit riot offenses in leftist communes such as Portland, Seattle, New York, and CHAZ.

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