Texas Governor Greg Abbott Debunks “Fake News” Regarding Medical Resources in Dallas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently took the Dallas Morning News to school.

Last week, Abbott announced that the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center would be used for Wuhan Virus patients. However, the federal government allegedly told Abbott that if the county did not accept the resource, it would be moved to another place.

For the Fake News media, this story was not spicy enough.

Instead, they tried to construct a misleading narrative.

“Governor threatens to move emergency medical resources from Dallas County if they aren’t used,” the DMN’s original headline stated.

“Gov. Greg Abbott’s chief of staff said that if Dallas County doesn’t accept the facilities by 5 p.m. Monday, the federal government will have to relocate it elsewhere,” the outlet  initially reported.

Abbott was in disbelief about what he was reading and told the editors that they should be “ashamed.”

He tweeted, “This is such fake news by the Dallas Morning News. The audio tape of this episode has been available to the press. Federal officials told us those resources would be needed elsewhere if Dallas County didn’t want them. @DMN should be ashamed.”

The governor clarified the matter on Twitter. He stated he was the one responsible for setting up the Convention Center for Wuhan Virus care.

Abbott has shined during the Wuhan Virus crisis.

His government has passed common sense deregulation measures to help businesses operate smoothly in a time where supply chains have been disrupted.

In addition, his administration has upheld the Second Amendment by declaring gun stores to be essential, in a time when people are buying record numbers of firearms.

If the media were honest, they would be praising Abbott for his leadership in a time of uncertainty.

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