Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Looking to Investigate NGOs Who Facilitate Illegal Immigration Invasion

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is calling for the state’s attorney general to conduct an investigation of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that are aiding illegal alien invaders who are crossing the border from Mexico.

“With the end of Title 42 just days away, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas–Mexico border has reached an all-time high,” Abbott said to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a letter that was released to the public on December 15, 2022. “Indeed, this past Sunday, over a 24-hour span, over 2,600 illegal immigrants crossed the border near El Paso and illegally entered Texas. These numbers are likely to increase in the coming weeks.”

Title 42 refers to a Trump-era emergency order that was issued to halt the spread of the Wuhan virus pandemic. Under Title 42, federal agents were granted the power to expel immigrants that were deemed to be public health threats. 

Mark Tapscott of The Epoch Times noted that a federal court ruled earlier in 2022 that the order will be halted on December 21.

“But as the facts on the ground continue to change, we must remain vigilant in our response to this crisis. There have been recent reports that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may have assisted with illegal border crossings near El Paso,” Abbott said to Paxton.

“We further understand NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso. In light of these reports, I am calling on the Texas Attorney General’s Office to initiate an investigation into the role of NGOs in planning and facilitating the illegal transportation of illegal immigrants across our borders.”

Abbott’s letter to Paxton was sent a day after the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project publicized the results of a vast analysis of over 30,000 anonymized cell devices used by illegal aliens after breaking into the US and receiving resettlement care and services through NGO facilities.

The Heritage project tracked the devices, which were present in nearly every congressional district in the country. Mike Howell, director of Heritage’s Oversight Project, said the following: 

“We now have undeniable proof that NGOs are the Biden administration’s partner in facilitating and perpetuating this historic border crisis. What’s most shameful is that these NGOs are using not just taxpayer dollars to complete the final link in the drug cartels’ human smuggling operation, but also funds donated by Americans across this country who have no idea their charitable giving is being used for this purpose.”

“They are working hand-in-glove with the open-borders advocates in the Biden administration to resettle untold numbers of illegal aliens across this country every month, willingly advancing the left’s goal of reshaping the American electorate and advancing their political objectives,” Howell added. 

“These organizations have no business engaging in such behavior. They should be investigated, held accountable, and defunded. And make no mistake, the Oversight Project is just getting started in showing the role these groups are playing in not only continuing this historic border crisis, but in fueling the cartels’ business model and encouraging millions of individuals to subject themselves to misery, suffering, and death along the journey to the border. We are ready and willing to cooperate with Texas law enforcement to pass along information regarding what we find,” Howell concluded. 

There are dozens of NGOs involved in various ways in assisting immigrants coming into the United States. It isn’t illegal to provide such care and services to legal immigrants, but multiple federal laws may be broken when illegal immigrants are involved.

Prominent NGOs involved with immigrant assistance and care include Amnesty International USA, Catholic Charities USA, Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Refugee Council USA, and U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. While the NGO’s services are technically legal, they enter the territory of illegality when they assist illegal alien invaders.  

These NGOs are facilitating the election of a new people in the US, which necessitates a firm response from red state governments. Investigating these organizations is fine and all, but these measures must be followed up with far more punitive actions. 

These people cannot be allowed to operate with impunity. They must be put in their place for their treasonous behavior. 

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