Texas Governor Signs Bill Protecting Free Speech On Campus

ZeroHedge reports that Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that protects free speech on college campuses in Texas.

Abbott released a video on Twitter of him signing the bill into law.

Abbott justified the passage of this bill saying that “Some colleges are banning free speech on college campuses.”

As he was signing the bill into law, Abbot stated “Shouldn’t have to do it. First Amendment guarantees it. Now, it’s law in Texas.”

In April, The College Fix reported that the bill in question, SB18, guarantees that “the common outdoor areas of the institution’s campus are deemed traditional public forums” and “allows universities to impose time/place/manner restrictions as long as those restrictions follow published and viewpoint-neutral criteria and allow for “ample” alternative expression.”

This bill also gives members of a university community the ability “to assemble or distribute written material without a permit or other permission” from leaders on campus.  Further, it establishes “disciplinary sanctions for students, student organizations, or faculty who unduly interfere with the expressive activities of others on campus.”

Last but certainty not least, SB18 protects student organizations from arbitrary denial of general university services simply because the organization’s view fall outside the boundaries of acceptable opinion. In a similar vein, this legislation prevents universities from charging organizations higher security fees due to the controversial speakers they bring on campus.

Similar legislations has passed in states like AlabamaKentuckySouth DakotaTennesseeColoradoIowa and Arkansas.

Free speech has become a major issue lately, with social media outlets and universities alike advancing political correctness culture to silence critics. However, certain red states have had enough of the Left’s push against free speech and are taking action to uphold basic freedoms in public squares.

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