Texas Gun Rights Declares War on House Speaker Dennis Bonnen

In a Facebook post on April 25, 2019, Texas Gun Rights announced the launch of a massive canvassing effort in the district of House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

BLP recently covered how Bonnen not only killed Constitutional Carry but even went to the media to smear Texas Gun Rights activist Chris McNutt for allegedly going to his house to “intimidate” him.

This assertion, however, was debunked after video cam footage of McNutt’s peaceful interaction with Texas Department of Public Safety officers went public.

This series of events prompted the Texas Grassroots Gun Rights Coalition to demand an apology from Bonnen for his behavior.

However, Texas gun owners aren’t just waiting idly for Bonnen to respond.

TXGR already dialing up the pressure on Bonnen with their latest canvassing effort.

The TXGR announcement on Facebook stated the following:

TXGR is calling on law-abiding, pro-gun Texans to peacefully pass out flyers in Speaker Bonnen’s district, requesting his constituents respectfully contact him — their elected official — and urge him to advance Constitutional Carry, House Bill 357!

On the landing page for this campaign, specific instructions are given for gun rights activists:

All you have to do is place these flyers at the doors. No door-knocking and no talking to people. If you happen to get greeted at a door, be sure to remain polite and do not engage in time-wasting debate. Simply explain what the flyer is if asked, and feel free to read the flyer to the constituent, and be on your way.

TXGR stressed that this campaign should be done during daylight hours and also recommended that activists wear professional attire while canvassing.

The pro-gun organization specifically advised activists to “avoid approaching the homes of any elected officials”, especially the home of Dennis Bonnen.

Although Constitutional Carry has been withdrawn for now, gun rights activists in Texas aren’t giving up.

This week has already witnessed Florida, ground zero for the national gun control debate, pass legislation in the Senate to allow teachers to carry firearms at school.

With the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature coming to an end on May 27, 2019, the clock is ticking for Second Amendment advocates in the Lone Star state.

However, it’s clear that they won’t go down without a fight.

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