Texas Gun Rights Demands an Apology for Dennis Bonnen’s Defamatory Statements Against Chris McNutt

On May 3, 2019, Texas Gun Rights posted an announcement on Facebook demanding an apology from House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

Texas Gun Rights and the National Association for Gun Rights legal counsel David Warrington issued a letter demanding that Bonnen apologize for his defamatory remarks against Chris McNutt.

In the statement, Warrington said “On behalf of our client, Mr. Chris McNutt, I write to demand that you retract the false and defamatory statements you made about Mr. McNutt during your April 9, 2019 appearance on The Chad Hasty Show.”

Warrington went into further details:

On the show you stated that Mr. McNutt visited Lubbock Representative Dustin Burrows’ district office and “flashed his gun in his district office to the staff.” You further stated that Mr. McNutt’s actions were done to “intimidate and threaten.”

As reported by BLP, Bonnen claimed that Chris McNutt went to his district to intimidate him. Bonnen even claimed that McNutt flashed a firearm when peacefully block-walking in Burrows and Bonnen’s district.

Warrington countered these claims however:

To be clear, at no time during his visit to Representative Burrow’s district office did Mr. McNutt flash a gun. In fact, Mr. McNutt was unarmed when he visited Representative Burrow’s office.

The legal counsel also declared that these false statements were damaging:

Your false accusation that Mr. McNutt flashed a gun is false and injurious to Mr. McNutt’s personal and professional reputation and caused him great mental anguish. That this false allegation was made by the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is particularly injurious.

Warrington maintained a firm position on what Bonnen must do to rectify the situation:

On Mr. McNutt’s behalf, we demand that you issue a public apology to him and publicly retract your accusation that Mr. McNutt “flashed a gun” to “intimidate and threaten” the staff at Representative Burrow’s district office.

In the case that Bonnen does not apologize, Warrington threatened legal action:

If you take this action by 5 p.m. this Monday, May 6, 2019, Mr. McNutt will accept your apology and correction of the public record and this matter will be at an end. If you do not, Mr. McNutt may take all appropriate legal action to restore Mr. McNutt’s reputation and hold you accountable for these defamatory statements.

For that past month, Texas Gun Rights has been embroiled in a vicious feud with House Speaker Bonnen over his inaction on Constitutional Carry.

Bonnen ended up killing Constitutional Carry, but he has doubled down in his barrage against gun rights activists.

He even claims that the Constitutional Carry legislation that Texas Gun Rights is pushing for will allow felons to carry, despite the fact that the current Constitutional Carry bill comports with Texas law by maintaining its prohibition against felons from carrying.

It looks like this saga won’t be coming to an end soon.

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