Texas Hero Who Took Down Mass Shooter in Church Speaks

A hero who took out an active shooter in a Fort Worth church has spoken out, just a day after likely saving dozens of lives.

Jack Wilson was serving as a designated security deacon at West Freeway Church of Christ on Sunday.

He’s recounted the incident in vivid detail when speaking to media about the event. Wilson, a former reserve sheriff’s deputy and certified firearms instructor, dispatched a man wielding a pump-action shotgun with a single shot from a .357 semi-automatic pistol.

Wilson revealed that the now-deceased gunman had alarmed church security immediately when entering the sanctuary, as he was seen wearing a trench coat, a wig, and a fake beard.

The whole thing was less than six seconds from start to finish… He went and started towards the front of the sanctuary, and that’s when I was able to engage him. I took the shot. The shooter went down.

Wilson is also a candidate for County Commissioner in Hood County. He appears to be a strong conservative and Donald Trump supporter. He first recounted the events of the traumatic day on Sunday in a post on his Facebook campaign page.

Tragically, the twisted soul who attacked West Freeway Church of Christ succeeded in taking two lives in his attack on the congregation. Yet the quick and decisive actions of Wilson were likely instrumental in preserving many more lives from destruction at the hands of evil.

I don’t feel like I killed an individual. I killed evil.

Wilson’s defense of his church congregation may serve to motivate other Americans to train and prepare for any necessary actions of self defense. Members of New York’s Orthodox Jewish community have armed themselves in the light of two anti-Semitic attacks in the area this month.

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