Texas is Getting Pounded by Increased Border Apprehensions

The majority of recent border apprehensions are taking place in Texas according to a report by Daniel Friend and Hayden Sparks of The Texan. Since Joe Biden was installed as president, immigration has picked back up as many illegal aliens anticipate lax border enforcement policies coming from the current administration. 

According to figures from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) there has been a steady rise in the number of apprehensions at the southwestern border. In particular, there has been a notable increase in the Del Rio border patrol sector.

In the month of January, the number of apprehensions at the border was 75,000, a slight increase from the 71,000 witnessed in December. The last year that border apprehensions were north of 70,000 was 2007, according to the data from the CBP.

Moreover, arrests in Texas sectors have increased significantly over the last decade and a half, which went from 20,000 in 2007 to 50,000 in January. Single adults make up the majority of the encounters. 37,000 of these adults were Mexican nationals and 27,000 were foreign nationals coming from other countries. 

11,000 of these January apprehensions were family units, unaccompanied minors, and accompanied minors. In December, there were 7,000 of these apprehensions. In the Lone Star state, family unit apprehension increases were the most significant in the Del Rio sector, which had 1,700 apprehensions. This marked a 172% increase from the 600 Del Rio apprehensions in December.

In a press statement released by CBP, Chief Patrol Agent Austin L. Skero II praised border patrol agents working in the field. 

“I am extremely proud of the men and women of Del Rio Sector, who continue to perform their duties with care and compassion,” Skero stated. “Our agents remain focused and are prepared to overcome any challenge in the protection of our nation.”

Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio released a video directed towards President Biden where he urged the federal government to halt the release of immigrants into his area. He argued that this region did not have enough resources to support the migrants during a time when Texas was rocked by an unprecedented winter freeze.

“I am pleading and requesting with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas,” Lozano stated. “We do not have the resources available to house and accommodate these migrants within our community.”

Lozano added that his city is already having trouble taking care of its residents and will not be able to dole out resources to the migrants coming in.

“If you’re going to allow these individuals into our community, I respectfully ask that you provide the means and supplies necessary to accommodate them safely under these extreme circumstances,” Lozano continued.

The Biden administration is a reversion to the neoiberal mean where multiculturalism reigns supreme and the nation-state becomes an afterthought. 

Republicans should take note and make a big stink about immigration during the 2022 midterms. Voters will definitely be paying attention to immigration as treasonous politicians bring in migrants during a time when Americans are in dire economic straits.

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