Texas Man Arrested For Pushing Park Ranger Enforcing Social Distancing Into a Lake

A Texas man is being charged with assault on a public servant after pushing a park ranger who was enforcing social distancing rules into a lake.

The assault was captured on video. A man can be seen shoving a unformed park ranger into a body of water shortly after the ranger tells crowds at the park to maintain six feet of distance from one another.


The man can be seen climbing out of the body of water and running off shortly after. The event occurred at Lake Austin near Austin, Texas. Sources describe the park ranger as having responded to the situation after youths were found to be illegally smoking and drinking at the scene.

An affidavit for Hicks’ arrest makes it clear that the authorities see this as no laughing matter. Hicks can be seen smiling with amusement in his mugshot photo after his arrest, raising questions as to how seriously the 25-year old Texas man is taking the situation.

Brandon’s intentional and reckless action could have caused the Ranger to strike his head on the dock as he was falling, and render himself unconscious in at least 3 feet of water where he could have drowned to death.

Social distancing is frustrating for everyone, but long-awaited relaxation of coronavirus restrictions don’t given anyone a license to act like an idiot.

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