Texas Police Officer Under Fire From Liberal Media for Promoting Constitutionalism in Law Enforcement

John Shirley, a Constable in Hood County, Tx., is under fire for being a long-time leader with the Oathkeepers, a patriotic organization that demands for police and military personnel to honor their oath to the Constitution.

Shirley wrote an article in the Hood County Today admitting that he has organized on behalf of the group while confirming that he is not ashamed of his ties to the organization, which he feels has been unfairly maligned.

“In that time I’ve seen the multiple waves of attacks by the media and progressive NGOs. The Oath Keepers organisation has been called right-wing, racist, anti-government, a militia, among many other hot-button epithets,” Shirley wrote.

“From the beginning, the Oath Keepers have been a non-partisan organisation almost exclusively dedicated to teaching first responders and soldiers to respect their oaths,” he added.

The fake news media, such as Yahoo News and Raw Story, are using anti-Bill of Rights, far-left organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to denigrate the Oathkeepers and Shirley for organizing with the group.

The ADL calls the Oathkeepers “a growing anti-government extremist group whose avowed purpose is to enlist current and former military, police, and first responder personnel into its ranks in order to oppose a supposedly “tyrannical” government.”

The SPLC claims that the Oathkeepers are an “entire organisation is based on a set of baseless conspiracy theories about the federal government working to destroy the liberties of Americans.”

Tarrant County Sheriff candidate Vance Keyes, a Democrat Party official who was demoted from Deputy Chief in 2017 after being accused of releasing unauthorized police video to the public, believes that all constitutionalists must be purged from law enforcement positions.

“I am absolutely concerned about militia groups infiltrating law enforcement,” Keyes said. “Their presence in policing undermines our obligation and ability to provide impartial justice…free from the thinly veiled, and often outright, racial bias that exist in such organizations.”

Roger Deeds, the sheriff of Hook County, noted that Shipley, serving as Constable, is an elected official and does not think that the slurs made by leftist media outlets and special interest groups about the Oathkeepers are accurate.

“I’ve read that they’re made up of people who are anti-government but I don’t think that’s correct,” he told The Independent. “I don’t think they’re anti-government. This guy is running for reelection so he’s bragged about being a member.”

Shirley hopes to be re-elected as Constable despite the media’s hit pieces against him. He hopes that the public recognizes that there is nothing wrong with a law enforcement official upholding their oath to the Constitution.

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