Texas Public School Teacher Issues ‘Call to Action’ for Teachers to Violate New Law and Continue Teaching Anti-White Racism in the Classroom

A Texas public school teacher is publicly calling for her fellow teachers to behave as left-wing activists and continue teaching anti-white critical race theory (CRT) in the classroom despite a law prohibiting it from being taught to students.

“This is what’s bullsh*t. Today is the first time our country has recognized Juneteenth as a national holiday and yet I’m getting ready to go back to school in the fall, and the governor has put into place some ridiculous legislation,” she said, adding that she is angered that she cannot teach CRT or other divisive racist curriculum due to the new law. 

While many conservatives like to delude themselves into thinking that the celebration of Juneteenth is somehow a Republican victory, this lady understands that the national recognition of Juneteenth as a federal independence day is meant to push forward a pseudo-history in order to justify revolutionary terror. This is why many astute observers are calling Juneteenth the official holiday of CRT.

“So teachers, in the past, we have been activists. After this sh*t show of last year, we really need to stand up and do what’s right for our kids right now so this is a call to action, teachers. We’ve got to stand up and fight for our kids because this is bullsh*t. We can’t lie to them,” the teacher added.

The full video can be seen here:

Of course, there is nothing remotely truthful about CRT and other marxist propaganda tropes against the historical American nation and the founding-era revolutionaries who fought valiantly to establish liberty on the continent.

Big League Politics has reported on the absurd low IQ nonsense peddled under the banner of CRT and other campaigns which claim to promote diversity, equity and inclusion but are really a series of vicious blood libels concocted to justify sustained violence against white people:

Journalist Christopher F. Rufo of City Journal has retrieved documents showing the Marxist re-education training that white government employees in the city of Seattle were forced to attend.

Core American concepts such as “objectivity” and “individualism” were classified as “internalized racial superiority” and demonized during the training…

White employees were told to accept an increased possibility for physical harm, a willingness to lose all control, and a potential loss of employment as a way of “undoing” their whiteness…

They produced additional propaganda in order to further convince the white employees to hate themselves for their skin color…

The white employees were instructed to alienate friends and family while belligerently proselytizing their new dogma, a tactic regularly used by cults on their new victims…

Rufo is pushing to get the videos of the diversity training from the city in order to figure out which individuals and groups were paid with taxpayer money to administer the marxist re-education…

The marxists now dominate institutional power across the former land of the free, particularly in liberal areas like Seattle. The result could mean the death of America and by proxy Western Civilization.”

The campaign against CRT is gaining momentum and forcing anti-white racists out into the spotlight. Opponents of CRT must proceed ever more boldly in rooting out their soulless enemies and avoid taking lousy advice from Conservative Inc. operatives to soften their approach.

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