Texas Realtor Group Takes Wokeness to a New Extreme by No Longer Using the Word “Master” To Describe Certain Bedrooms

CNN reported that on June 25, 2020, the Houston Association of Realtors announced that it will use “primary” to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on its listing instead of using the word “master.”

This move was spurred by several members who expressed their concerns about the term, according to a report from KPRC.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the U.S. has witnessed a massive cultural revolution on matters of political correctness. The word “master” is starting to be discarded because of its connection to slavery.

CNN noted the following:

The Court of Master Sommeliers, which grants wine stewards the sought-after “master sommelier” title following the passage of an exam, said it will no longer use the term before a sommelier’s last name.

The HAR still hasn’t completely banned the word “master.” It will let members continue to use it in photo descriptions or marketing materials, per the KPRC report.

Political correctness is getting out of hand in America. The U.S. will need to do some soul-searching if it wants to remain a serious country and maintain any semblance of social cohesion.

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