Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West Joins Gab

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West has signed up for Gab, days after the state Republican Party executive board voted to disable the Texas GOP’s Gab account.

West’s presence on Gab represents a repudiation of the Conservative Inc. establishment operatives who have sought to muzzle the Texas GOP’s Gab account, eschewing one of the only free speech social media platforms independent from the control of financial grifters and shady political operatives.

The Texas GOP’s official Gab account has yet to be deactivated, even after the establishment-controlled executive committee voted to shelve it in a 35-25 vote. It’s unclear if the internal party vote is binding.

Notorious Never Trumpers and liberal Republicans led the charge to gag the Texas GOP’s presence on the free speech platform, with one Con Inc. operative spending millions to defeat conservatives in state legislative primaries. Matt Mackowiak, the chair of the Travis County GOP, even dropped a profane, hateful rant targeting President Donald Trump in 2016, when he believed that Trump would lose the election to Hillary Clinton. The Con Inc. operative somehow managed to maintain control of the powerful county party in the following years, raising serious questions about the integrity of local GOP leadership in Texas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had led the charge against the free speech social media network, leveling a bogus accusation of “anti-Semitism” that could more easily be applied to Big Tech social media monopolies such as Twitter and Facebook.

As other Texas Republican bigwigs betray internet free speech for the party members and activists they nominally serve, Allen West is standing behind the internet’s home for free speech for conservatives.

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