Texas Republicans are Becoming Increasingly Hostile Towards the FBI 

On August 15, 2022, the Defend Texas Liberty PAC released a poll demonstrating Texas Republican primary voters’ hostility towards the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In the poll, the Defend Texas Liberty PAC discovered that 73% of voters hold an unfavorable view of the FBI. Only 22% of Republican primary voters indicated that they view the FBI in a  favorable light. 

According to Texas Scorecard, CWS Research carried out the poll on behalf of the Defend Texas Liberty PAC between August 9 and August 11. This came immediately in the wake of the FBI’s controversial raid on former President Donald Trump’ s Mar-a-Lago residence. 

Over the last few years, Texas Republicans views have hardened on a host of issues. Years of establishment Republican inaction has made many committed Texas Republican voters jaded with their leaders. 

This dissatisfaction eventually manifested itself in the election of former State Representative Matt Rinaldi as Chair of the Texas Republican Party in 2021. During his time as a State Representative (2015-2019), Rinaldi was an outspoken champion of Constitutional Carry and was a leading conservative voice who constantly put pressure on Republican leadership to pass key legislation that the Texas grassroots Right demanded — property tax reform, pro-life legislation, restoration of gun rights, etc. 

Rinaldi was unseated in 2018 after he lost his race to Democratic challenger Julie Johnson by a margin of 57% to 43%.

Despite this loss, Rinaldi has remained active in Texas politics as seen by his current role as Texas GOP Chair. 

Now, Rinaldi is pushing the envelope in that position. BLP previously reported on Rinaldi’s anti-FBI comments that he made immediately after the FBI’s raid of Trump’s residence. At the time, Rinaldi tweeted “Abolish the FBI.”

A decade ago this would have been unheard of in Texas politics, much less for a Texas State GOP Chair. However, things have changed substantially since then with the Left growing so radical and DC becoming completely detached from Middle America. 

As politics turns more polarized and unhinged in America, state Republican parties will gradually become more hardened and receptive to America First principles.

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