Texas School Superintendent Salaries are Exploding

According to a report by Erin Anderson at Texas Scorecard, school superintendent salaries continue to go upwards in Texas. In fact, the highest paid school superintendent had a whopping salary that topped half a million dollars. 

Per Texas Education Agency data that was published for the 2022-23 school year, there were five superintendents with salaries north of $400,000, and an additional 72 making $300,000 or more. 

The highest paid school superintendent is Mark Henry, the superintendent at Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. He boasts a ridiculous salary of $521,000. 

Anderson noted that the administrators’ high compensation is “supplemented by benefits like insurance; pension contributions; and allowances for cars, phones, and housing. They often include hefty retention bonuses as well.”

These salaries are paid on the taxpayer dime.

Superintendent salaries have no correlation to how many students are enrolled in a district or students’ academic performance.

James Quintero, the Director of the Center for Local Governance at the Texas Public Policy Foundation noted that Texas’ third-highest paid superintendent—Ysleta ISD’s Xavier De La Torre—raked in a hefty salary of $442,000, while only 51% of the district’s 36,000 students are able to read at or above grade school level.

“Superintendents are getting rich at taxpayer expense. It’s obscene, and it’s driving property tax bills through the roof,” Quintero said to Texas Scorecard. “It’s well past time for the Texas Legislature to rein in these supersized superintendent salaries and bring commonsense back to public service.”

Anderson noted that school board trustees hire superintendents and set their salary figures. In the majority of Texas school districts, the next school board elections are set for May 6. 

If Texas wants to stay red for the foreseeable future, it needs to purge its education system of woke influence. On top of that, it must downsize its bloated bureaucracy. It’s some of the first steps towards reaching the ultimate goal of abolishing government education altogether. 

No sane nation can continue preserving a system of mass indoctrination. 

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