Texas Senate Passes Bill to Get Rid of License to Carry Fee

The 87th session of the Texas State Legislature has been marked by unprecedented progress with regards to Second Amendment agenda items. 

Although Constitutional Carry is currently stalled due to several problematic amendments attached to HB 1927, another measure that would eliminate the fee for acquiring a License to Carry was passed by the Texas Senate on May 14, 2021 by a vote of 18 to 12.

State Senator Joan Huffman is the author of Senate Bill 2247. SB 2247 modifies Texas’s current law, which requires individuals to possess an LTC to carry a handgun in public. 

Daniel Friend of The Texan highlighted what the LTC acquisition process looks like:

The process to obtain an LTC includes several hours of online or in-person training on firearm laws in Texas, passing a test on firearm safety and laws, passing a shooting proficiency test, submitting an application and fingerprints to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and passing a federal background check.

The fees for the test can go up to $60 and fingerprint fees usually cost $10. On top of that, Texans must pay a $40 fee to submit an LTC application. Previously, the application costs for LTCs were $140. This changed in 2017, when the state legislature approved legislation that lowered the fee to $40. 

Now, if the House approves the bill, the application fee will be lifted. Overall, the 87th session of the Texas State Legislature has a lot of promise for Second Amendment related issues. 

Nevertheless, conservative activists cannot afford to be complacent. They must continue pressuring their elected officials and letting them know that not passing legislation that the grassroots base desires will come with negative consequences throughout the Republican primaries in 2022.