Texas Senator Bob Hall Pushes Bill to Expand Concealed Carry in Public Schools

Texas State Senator Bob Hall is introducing a bill that would expand Texas’ current campus carry law to cover public schools. This comes 6 years after Texas passed its controversial campus carry law that allowed licensed concealed carry at university campuses.

Hall’s bill would allow lawful adults who possess concealed carry licenses to carry firearms in public and charter schools. Hall views this bill as the “logical extension” of Texas’ current campus carry law.

Other elected officials in Texas want to bolster Texas’s school marshal program, which allows trained school teachers and support staff to carry firearms at schools. This program has received support from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and has been expanded upon in previous years.

Hall’s current bill would broaden the scope of campus carry to K-12 institutions. In effect, Texans possessing licences, be they parents or teachers, would be allowed to carry at public schools and open enrollment charter schools.

Hall’s bill would be a solid improvement for Texas gun laws. The main focus of the 87th legislative session should still be Constitutional Carry, however. By passing that, Texas not only becomes the 19th Constitutional Carry state, but it could create a domino effect across the nation.

Nevertheless, the fact that so many pro-gun bills are being considered shows that Texas polticians are beginning to get the message that just sitting around won’t cut it. They will have to work to get grassroots votes.

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