Texas Sheriff: Engage Shooters or Find Another Job

In response to the coward Sheriff’s Deputy in Parkland, Florida who didn’t engage the shooter who killed 17 people, Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree made his department’s policy on active shooting situations clear.

He sent a memo to his department, stating that all commissioned deputies must be prepared to immediately respond to any active shooter situation. In the memo, he said that his department will not tolerate any deputy refusing to take immediate action. If a deputy is not able to follow this directive, they were ordered to inform their supervisor so they can be re-assigned.

This response is a response to the Florida Deputy who waited for more officers to enter the scene to attempt to confront the shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

Texas is clearly not a state that a shooter should want to mess with. As reported here immediately following the shooting, a school near San Antonio Texas placed massive signs loudly declaring that the staff at the school may be armed, and that they are prepared to use whatever force necessary to stop a threat.

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