Texas State Government Files Lawsuit Against Google for Its Use of Facial Images

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that the Big Tech titan has illegally collected users’ facial biometrics for years. 

“Google’s indiscriminate collection of the personal information of Texans, including very sensitive information like biometric identifiers, will not be tolerated,” Paxton declared. “I will continue to fight Big Tech to ensure the privacy and security of all Texans.”

According to the Texas state government’s complaint, Google is allegedly using features in Google Assistant, Photos, and Nest smart-home products to gather and store voice and facial recognition data without users’ consent.

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net noted that “Google then uses the data for commercial purposes, like improving its AI algorithms.”

Per the Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act in the Texas constitution, it is illegal to gather and share biometric data without their consent.

“Google has now spent years unlawfully capturing the faces and voices of both non-consenting users and non-users throughout Texas—including our children and grandparents, who simply have no idea that their biometric information is being mined for profit by a global corporation,” the complaint outlined.

After nearly a decade of dragging their feet on key issues that grassroots conservatives have clamored about, Texas Republicans are finally beginning to grow a spine and using state power in a prudent manner to curtail the influence of groups that undermine Texas conservatives and broader Texas values. 

At this point, the friend/enemy distinction must become the standard operating procedure for Republican parties in all state governments nationwide. 

The cultural Left can only be brought to heel via state force at this juncture.

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