Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain’s Law Firm Will Not Fire Him Despite Outrage Mob Pressure

The backlash from State Representative Briscoe Cain and former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke Twitter squabble has not died down.

Last weekend, Cain’s law firm said that they are standing with their lawyer, no matter how badly the outrage mob wants them to fire Cain.

“Perhaps he should be fired. Perhaps you all should just go out of business,” a woman said in a voicemail message she left for Cain’s law firm.

Non-stop emails, phone calls, and voicemails have flooded Kevin Fulton’s law firm, Fulton Strahan Law Group, since last Friday

Fulton claims that 804 voicemails were left in a span of less than two days.

“We had to shut the phones off. They took my email address and signed us up for a bunch of different newsletters and spam and porn sites, everything they could find, trying to shut down the email system,” Fulton claimed.

Fulton said this commotion started hours after one of his colleagues, State Representative Briscoe Cain, went on Twitter, and responded to Democratic Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke’s statement about confiscating AR-15s.

Many on the Left, including O’Rourke, viewed Cain’s tweet, “My AR is ready for you Robert Francis” as a direct threat.

Last Saturday, O’Rourke still maintained that Cain’s comments were threatening.

“Threatening to introduce violence into our democracy and political process, he makes the case that no one should own a weapon that can kill people effectively, efficiently, at devastating numbers because it terrorizes and terrifies people. That’s what he sought to do over Twitter. No one should be able to do that,” O’Rourke said of Cain’s comments.

For Fulton, however, agreeing with either politician is not what he cares about. He believes this is about rights, and that’s why he’s not caving to the outrage mob.

“I went and I fought for this country for a reason, and it wasn’t for people to bully me into having someone give up their first or second amendment rights,” Fulton said.

Fulton is fully supporting Cain, stating that he will not fold under pressure to fire Cain, and will not let an outrage mob influence his decision-making.

“We fight for our clients. I would be remiss if I didn’t fight for my staff. That’s my family,” Fulton said.

The gun control debate is only getting more intense in Texas.

A state that has traditionally had some of the best gun laws in the nation, Texas is now facing unprecedented threats from Democratic politicians.

As the state becomes more competitive these threats will no longer be speculation.

It doesn’t help that Republicans like Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick are starting to give in to anti-gun pressure as well.

The next few years will be pivotal in deciding what the future of gun rights looks like in the Lone Star State.

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