Texas State Representative Cody Vasut Comes Out Against Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s Re-Election Bid

Freshman State Representative Cody Vasut boldly came out against the re-election of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick on June 11, 2021.

Brad Johnson of The Texan noted that Dan Patrick spent several weeks “blasting the House for failing to pass election reform and other priority legislation.”

“I frankly think we need new leadership in the Texas Senate,” declared Vasut as he spoke before the Lake Jackson Business Association, referring to the lieutenant governor. Vasut’s choice words about Patrick’s performance were initially reported by The Facts, a local newspaper based in Brazoria County.

Vasut continued attacking Patrick, declaring “I do not support Dan Patrick for reelection — I think he needs to go, I think we need somebody else in there, somebody who’s actually committed to being a productive member.”

“Let me tell you this — your Texas House passed 75 percent of the Senate bills that came over, and your Texas Senate passed less than half of the House bills that came over,” Vasut finished off his criticism.

A spokesman for Patrick had a firm response to Vasut’s remarks saying, “[The] House didn’t appear to want to pass a great deal of conservative legislation, even when it had the support of the overwhelming majority of Republicans.”

Patrick has a very suspect record as Lieutenant Governor. On a previous occasion, Patrick voiced his support for universal background checks, one of the first steps towards full-blown gun registration.Thankfully, Texas Republicans have not followed in Patrick’s footsteps, and instead, joined neighboring state Arkansas in passing Constitutional Carry. This step coupled with Vasut’s recent comments, shows that Texas Republicans are beginning to recognize that their political leadership is not up to par, and as a result, there needs to be a re-shuffling of leadership if the state wants to make progress.

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