Texas Teacher, Fired for Supporting Immigration Restriction, Wins Appeal & Gets Her Job Back

Georgia Clark, a teacher who was removed from her job for making Twitter posts about illegal immigrants at her Texas high school, will likely be getting her position back.

Clark won an appeal against the school, and she is expected to be reinstated to her position. Per the ruling, Clark will either receive back pay and employment benefits or district officials will be forced to give her one year’s salary.

She was punished for expressing her concern about the number of illegal immigrants at her school. She sent public Twitter post at President Donald Trump’s account that she thought were private direct messages.

“Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” one of Clark’s controversial Twitter posts read. “Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them.”

“I really do need a contact here in FW who should be actively investigating & removing illegals that are in the public school system,” she wrote in another Twitter post.

A compilation of Clark’s many posts to President Trump can be seen here:

Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath determined that Clark’s 1st Amendment rights were infringed by her removal as a teacher. The school officials had previously determined that Clark had signed away all of her rights when she signed a contract with the district, but Morath ultimately overruled their anti-constitutional claim.

Despite being overruled, school officials will appeal Morath’s decision in the hopes to keep her out of the classroom. They dislike that their authority was subverted, and wish to continue ignoring the problem regarding illegal immigrants in their school.

“It appears the commissioner ruled the way he did based on a technicality, and we are exploring all of our options,” said Clint Bond, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD).

Superintendent Kent P. Scribner said that the ISD stands by their decision because “we firmly believe this is in the best interests of all students” and “the totality of the behavior warranted the recommendation for termination.”

Regardless of the incredible push-back and possible consequences for her free speech, Clark does not feel any regret for speaking out as she did.

“Frankly, God was saying, ‘It’s time you need to do this now,’ ” she said in September.

“I need my job back and those kids need me, too,” she added. “I believe that there are earth angels, and I believe that I am one.”

Big League Politics will continue with further updates on the Clark story, as the ISD appeals the ruling in an attempt to keep the patriotic teacher out of Carter-Riverside High School.

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