Texas Town That Wiped Out KKK Protects Its Confederate Monuments

Slavery? You must be joking. Signed, Texas.

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS — In the wake of his highly controversial and widely reported comments advocating infanticide — i.e., “post-birth abortion” — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is now pursuing seeking to euthanize Confederate statues and mercy-kill American history, according to a previous report at Big League Politics.

“Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam said that he is planning to target Confederate monuments that supposedly provoke ‘hatred’ and ‘bigotry’ for relocation to museums,” writes Big League reporter Matthew Miller.

“I will take a harder line. If there are statues, if there are monuments out there that provoke this type of hatred and bigotry, they need to be in museums,” Northam reportedly stated.

The embattled governor is up against his own ‘hate-filled’ past following the release of his medical school yearbook photo, depicting him in either blackface or a KKK robe.

Northam told the Washington Post,

“There are ongoing inequities to access to things like education, health care, mortgages, capital, entrepreneurship. And so this has been a real, I think, an awakening for Virginia. It has really raised the level of awareness for racial issues in Virginia. And so we’re ready to learn from our mistakes.”

In an unlikely and unexpected turn of events, Texas Republican leadership thinks Northam’s views advocating censorship of Civil War history is a bright idea — with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott barely putting up a fight during the recent skirmish surrounding the “plaque” on state capitol grounds.

A historical plaque commemorating those who lost their lives in the Civil War and displayed on Texas state capitol grounds from 1959 until the present year, is now in a dustbin somewhere, according to recent reports.

And with “Yankee”-bred Republicans in charge of Texas, it appears the removal of the plaque is set to become a runaway train, the first of many historical markers to be ripped off their pedastals.

The plaque is considered controversial and inaccurate by some scholars due to its particular representati0n of the casus belli: it claims slavery was not the cause of the conflict.

For that alleged heresy, for which there has never been actual academic consensus, liberals demand we tear down history. The actual words inscribed on the plaque read,

“We therefore, pledge ourselves to preserve pure ideals … To study and teach the truths of history (one of the most important of which is, that the War between the States was not a rebellion, nor was its underlying cause slavery).”

“In the only debate held in Texas’ gubernatorial election last year, Gov. Greg Abbott, who was re-elected, had said it should be up to the Legislature to take it down and that it ‘absolutely’ should come down because of historical inaccuracy,” wrote Suzanne Gamboa at NBC on Jan. 25.

But it wasn’t the governor who ultimately had to “run old Dixie down,” Abbott contends. He came down squarely on the side of nothing in particular, nowhere specific and supportive of whatever “they” decide — “they” being the State Preservation Board.

Except that, Abbott chairs the board. Texas House speaker Dennis Bonnen and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, both Republicans, serve as co-vice chairs on the preservation board under Abbott.

The board voted to “store” the plaque while it takes public comment over 90 days.

George P. Bush, the anti-Tejano crusader who stole millions from the Alamo preservation fund, and signed an order to disassemble (tear down) the monument to our Alamo defenders in San Antonio, congratulated Abbott and Patrick’s submissive and treacherous vote to remove the plaque commemorating our fallen Confederate soldiers.

There are more than 180 public symbols of the Confederacy around Texas, including about a dozen on Capitol grounds.

With the sincerity of Foghorn Leghorn, Abbott now holds up the legal opinion of Attorney General Ken Paxton as the reason he is duty-bound to perform the task, but Paxton only issued a legal opinion on the matter because Abbott’s office requested it.

For non-Texan readers: requesting legal opinions from the attorney general is widely understood as a typical way the Texas executive branch shifts blame and transfers the locus of responsibility.

Abbott’s actions are having far-reaching consequences in other parts of the great state. At a debate in Georgetown, Texas Jan. 29 sponsored by Georgetown Community Forum (GCF) , “Should the Confederate Statue In Georgetown Be Removed?” things got heated when one of the speakers was rudely interrupted by an audience member loudly exclaiming, “How long have you been a black woman!?”

Unfortunately, the videographer did not continue recording after these comments were made by the attendee. But other examples of lunacy abound in the footage obtained by Big League Politics.

Col. Shelby Little, a guest speaker in favor of keeping the statue, read a quote from President Abraham Lincoln revealing that Lincoln once passionately supported slavery and viewed African-Americans as “inferior,” for example. The audience members closest the camera, who clearly oppose the statue remaining, did not hesitate before loudly exclaiming: “SO?!”

The full event can be viewed in its entirety here

Georgetown is ironically the city where the KKK met its doom in the Lone Star State, and is located in Williamson County — one of few counties that voted against secession.

And that’s the point: history is not a 2+2=4 paradigm. It’s full of nuance, context, and subjective experience. Consider Robert E. Lee, statues of whom have been shrouded in black tarps, even urinated on by lawless mobs of college students in ninja costumes.

Lee began to emancipate his slaves before the Civil War, standing in total contradiction to the cartoon character liberals created to justify mob rule. Moreover, unlike Ulysses S. Grant’s wife, Mrs. Lee “tutored slaves in basic reading and writing so that each could read the Bible” continuing the practice “even though Virginia law prohibited the education of slaves by the 1840s,” according to the National Park Service.

Likewise, George Washington freed all his slaves. Thomas Jefferson authored a measure in Congress seeking to outlaw slavery in new states, which fell one vote short. “God’s justice cannot sleep forever,” he wrote after the vote.

Jefferson also compensated his slaves and gave them first-rate living quarters.

Sadly, facts are irrelevant to statue fanatics. They “feel” offended, and are willing to tear down history, instead of walking to work another way or changing the channel.

Democrats who once lauded the fallen heroes of the confederacy, have now made it their mission to get offended about their own statues — as loudly as possible. And Republicans — who have the actual reins of political power — are acting like it’s the Surrender at Appomattox, rather than the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Texas Republican majority have zero excuses. No more dominoes can fall. Georgetown is the new Fort Sumter if we fail.

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