Texas Voters Permanently BAN State Income Taxes From Even Being Proposed With Lopsided Vote

On Tuesday, November 6, 2019, Texans voted to ban a state income tax.

Supporters of Proposition 4 declared victory right after polls closed. 74 percent of voters supported this proposition.

State Representative Jeff Leach and State Senator Pat Fallon authored Prop 4 which eliminated the possibility of Texas implementing an income tax unless the state amends its Constitution again.

This proposal was criticized by groups such as the left-leaning group Center for Public Policy Priorities, which sent out two mailers to thousands of households in Texas and ran digital ads in “targeted areas of the state”, according to a spokesman from the CPPP.

Governor Greg Abbott praised the victorious vote in a statement he made on Tuesday evening.

“Today’s passage of prop 4 is a victory for taxpayers across the Lone Star State,” he declared. “I am grateful to Representative Jeff Leach for his bold leadership on this issue, and for the overwhelming majority of Texans who voted to ensure that our great state will always be free of a state income tax. This ban on such a disastrous tax will keep our economy prosperous, protect taxpayers, and ensure that Texas remains the best state to live, work, and raise a family.”

Any change to the Texas Constitution must be approved by a majority of voters. For a proposed amendment to get on the ballot, two-thirds of both chambers of the Texas State Legislature must support this measure.

Despite a disappointing 2019 legislative session, this vote is good news for Texas conservative activists.

Texas has long built a reputation for having no income tax, which has allowed it to attract business and individuals fleeing high tax states.

By securing a vote on Prop 4, it will make it much harder for the Left to instantly implement an income tax, should they come into power. Given the changing demographics of Texas, this could be a possibility in the near future.


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