TEXTS: Strzok and Page Wanted To Cancel The March For Life

Newly released text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show that they both “hate” pro-lifers, and discussed how they would find an excuse to cancel the March for Life in 2016.


In the text message exchange between the two lovers, Strzok complained about the traffic problems brought about by the pro-life demonstrators, and after Page referred to them as a**holes, Strzok brought up the possibility of cancelling the march by citing a non-existent “snow emergency.”

Here is the entire conversation from the newly released text messages.

FBI agent Strzok: “F*cking marchers making traffic problems.” 

FBI attorney Page: “Yeah, some extremely offensive video screens set up in front of district. I truly hate these people. No support for the woman who actually has to spend the rest of her life rearing this child, but we care about ‘life.’ Assholes.”

FBI agent Strzok: “…Hey, I have an idea! Snow emergency, cancel the permit.” 

These newly released text messages provide more proof of the political bias coming from the FBI.

In the over 50,000 text messages that have been released so far, Strzok has called President Trump a “f*cking idiot,” linked former President Obama to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and discussed granting immunity to Clinton confidant Huma Abedin.

There’s no telling what will be found going forward, but rest assured knowing that we will keep you updated on any new developments.

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