Thanks to Democrats, Virginia Lt. Governor’s Sexual Assault Accusers Won’t Get Public Hearing

Democrat delegates in the Virginia House of Commons are refusing to allow the women accusing Lt. Governor Fairfax of sexual assault the opportunity to publicly go on record with their stories.

In a statement posted to the Virginia House GOP website, House Speaker Kirk Cox revealed that Republicans are behind the effort to give Fairfax’s alleged victims the opportunity to make their accusations in a public forum, and are being barred by Democrats from giving the women the opportunity.

Cox revealed that Republican legislators “have communicated with attorneys representing Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Ms. Meredith Watson,” and learned that “Tyson and Ms. Watson are prepared to share their accounts at a legislative hearing, only if there is bipartisan cooperation to conduct the hearing.”

He elaborated that “Unfortunately, despite the compelling accounts we have heard from Dr. Tyson and Ms. Watson on television in recent days, Delegate Filler-Corn has made clear that she will not agree to a bipartisan General Assembly hearing of any nature,” with the Democrat legislator adding that the party does not believe it is the correct forum for such a hearing.

Accusers Meredith Watson and Dr. Vanessa Tyson have both expressed willingness to meet with Virginia authorities  and legislators to make their accusations publicly. Watson went on record in an op-ed published in February condemning Democrats for refusing to allow her to make her case publicly, even as her personal life was parsed apart by investigators and the media to determine the quality of her character.

Big League Politics reported:

Meredith Watson, who alleges that Fairfax raped her in 2000 while they were both college students, wrote an opinion article in The Washington Post decrying the media and politicians’ short memory, and saying she is willing to testify publicly.

In her article, she said that she has refused calls from politicians and media outlets to make the alleged rape a partisan issue or media talking point, and as such has been ignored.

Watson also stated that reporters and researchers have dug into every facet of her personal life, going as far as researching her elementary school records in an attempt to find evidence she may be untrustworthy or lying about the alleged rape.

Fairfax, who blamed the alleged victims for causing harm to him in the media circus following their accusations, has thus far felt no meaningful consequences for his alleged actions, even after many of his staffers resigned following the accusations.

He was, however, unceremoniously fired from his position as chairman of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors association.

Fairfax remains an elected official in Virginia, with local Democrats circling the wagons to protect him.

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