The ADL is Working to Destroy Free Speech on Campus by Targeting Anti-War Groups

Jewish supremacist organization the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is now apparently working with the Biden regime to silence Palestinian activists groups on university campuses nationwide.

The October 7, 2023 attack that Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched against Israel has provoked a desperate response among policymakers in the United States.

According to Spencer Ackerman of The Nation, the ADL and  Louis Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law published an “open letter” calling for college and university administrators to “immediately investigate” their respective campus chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for “potential violations of the prohibition against materially supporting a foreign terrorist organization.” The ethnic grievance organizations claim to have sent the open letter to almost 200 universities.

Apparently ADL is laying groundwork for Biden DHS and FBI to investigate campus Palestinian activist groups on material support of terrorism. As I’ve said before if you live in a politically repressive climate you need to tactfully adapt speech to survive: 

Curiously, the ADL did not provide much evidence for these accusations. The pro-Jewish organizations alluded to inflammatory rhetoric at pro-Palestinian campus protests after October 7, which includes rhetoric from several individual who defended Hamas’ actions, to justify this wide-ranging investigation.  It interpreted statements with respect to “resistance” to the siege, bombing, and invasion of Gaza as evidence of support for terrorism.

Murtaza Hussain, a reporter at The Intercept noted that the “ADL is laying groundwork for Biden DHS and FBI to investigate campus Palestinian activist groups on material support of terrorism.”

Ackerman highlighted how the FBI could effectively shutdown this aspect of free speech in the passage below: 

“Terry Albury, a former FBI counterterrorism special agent turned whistleblower, said that when the ADL talks, the FBI tends to take what it says seriously. Asked how college administrators, who lack subpoena power for bank records, could conduct material-support investigations, Albury replied, “[They] can’t.” But campuses can easily enlist law enforcement via the Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the country that unite state, local, and federal police.

Campus police “can offer their services to the local FBI office and say they received a referral about radical students,” Albury said, “and they will work in concert with the FBI to initiate investigations of those students.”

Indeed, the war against free speech continues apace at university campuses. No one is going to deny that among pro-Palestinian groups there are militant activist in their ranks. However, those individuals should be prosecuted separately when caught in the act of committing crimes. 

The rest of these organizations should be allowed to operate freely as long as they abide by the confines of the law. Letting the feds police free speech on campus is just asking for trouble and could establish terrible precedents that could be used against right-wing organizations further down the line. 

This is one case where knee-jerk legislative actions could prove to be dangerous in the long-term.

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